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Brad LaPorte

Brad LaPorte is a former top-rated Gartner Research Analyst for cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence, veteran US Cyber Intelligence, and product leader at Dell, IBM, as well as at several startups. Brad currently a Strategic Advisor for NetRise and Advisor at Lionfish Tech Advisors and actively helping cybersecurity and tech companies grow their go-to-market strategies.

Recent Posts by Brad LaPorte:

by Brad LaPorte, on Sep 8, 2022 7:00:00 AM

A device, with respect to information technology, is any equipment or associated software ranging from programs, languages, or associated documentation that is designed for the purpose of utilizing information stored in a digital format. Devices in this context include but are not limited to computer systems, computer networks, and computer equipment used for input, output, processing, storage, organization, and display for any user’s intended purpose. In any 21st-century professional setting, devices are connected using the …

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