NetRise Partners with Eclypsium to Secure Critical Devices Against Supply Chain Risk

May 8, 2024 10:25:20 AM | Press Releases NetRise Partners with Eclypsium to Secure Critical Devices Against Supply Chain Risk

Partnership delivers unparalleled visibility into supply chain risks to secure connected devices.

Austin, TX – May 8, 2024 – NetRise, the company providing granular visibility into the world's Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) security problem — encompassing the modern firmware and software component security challenges of IT, OT, IoT, and other connected cyber-physical systems — today announced its partnership with Eclypsium, the infrastructure supply chain security company protecting critical hardware, firmware, and software. NetRise integrates its platform with the Eclypsium Supply Chain Security Platform through this partnership, enabling organizations to comprehensively identify operational technology (OT) and IoT supply chain security risks.

“Vulnerabilities in the software supply chain pose a significant risk to every organization across industries. To mitigate risks, security teams need proven solutions that can identify vulnerabilities in the software components of devices,” said Thomas Pace, CEO of NetRise. “I am excited to be joining our award-winning firmware visibility across XIoT with Eclypsium’s runtime, continuous monitoring. Together, we will secure the entire lifecycle of critical devices like never before.”

One weakness in the supply chain opens the door for threat actors to steal business-critical data, plant malware, and take control of systems. As attacks grow in frequency and sophistication, traditional network-centric, point-solution tools built for black-box systems are no longer sufficient. The collaboration between NetRise and Eclypsium protects and builds trust in the infrastructure and digital supply chains of critical hardware, firmware, and software, empowering organizations to make informed, risk-based decisions. With NetRise’s unparalleled capabilities in generating software bills of materials (SBOMs), Eclypsium customers can find and mitigate vulnerabilities quickly, give time and resources back to security operations teams, and quantify and prioritize risk in historically troublesome devices. 

Customers can also arm themselves with insights from Trace, the industry’s first AI-powered semantic search for software supply chain security. In the NetRise Platform, Trace enables intent-driven searches so that security teams can hunt based on underlying motives or purposes behind the code and configurations that lead to vulnerabilities instead of relying on signature-based methods. Trace highlights affected assets, files, and packages, maps their relationships across the software supply chain without a scanning mechanism, and provides a unified solution to detect known and hidden threats in low-level firmware and other cyber-physical systems.

“Supply chain risk continues to be a growing concern for every organization across IT and OT environments, as well as for National critical infrastructure,” said Yuriy Bulygin, CEO and co-founder of Eclypsium. “Organizations must take stock of their existing defenses and invest in solutions that can better secure their infrastructure supply chains across both the digital and physical realms of IT and OT systems, in a single platform. Eclypsium’s goal is to create trust and transparency in an organization’s IT and OT, and our partnership with NetRise enables us to expand our coverage and provide a more robust layer of protection across assets.”


About NetRise

Based in Austin, Texas, NetRise was built by defensive cyber experts bred across the private sector, intelligence community, and U.S. federal government to solve the firmware security problem. The company is partnering with companies across manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, industrial control systems, satellites, and many more.  


About Eclypsium

Eclypsium’s cloud-based and on-premises platform provides digital supply chain security for critical software, firmware and hardware in enterprise infrastructure. Eclypsium helps enterprises and government agencies mitigate risks to their infrastructure from complex technology supply chains. For more information, visit


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