Elevate your Device Security Knowledge

Learn about firmware & software component security with this collection of resources.

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Firmware Security Guide

This guide covers the basics of firmware security. Firmware security is essential to securing devices and the networks they operate on. 

Software Bill of Materials Guide

This guide covers software bill of materials basics. A software bill of materials is a list of every software component running on an Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) device.

NetRise Trace:

AI-Powered Semantic Intent Search

NetRise Trace utilizes AI-powered intent interpretation to allow users to look for threats, weakness, and vulnerabilities with natural language queries.

Product Security for Semiconductor Manufacturers

Automatically assess semiconductor components at the end of the development & build process to identify vulnerabilities and other tangible risks.

Enabling CJIS Compliance

The NetRise Platform enables criminal justice organizations to effectively demonstrate the security of their environment.

Revolutionizing SBOM Creation

This case study unveils how the NetRise Platform dramatically transformed SBOM generation, reducing a projected creation timeline of weeks to minutes.

Firmware Security Solution Brief

NetRise is the first platform to provide comprehensive insight into shared vulnerabilities across all XIoT firmware images in an organization.

SBOM Management for Device Manufacturers

Generate, enrich, and ingest Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with the NetRise Platform.

SBOM Management for Device Owners

Generate, enrich, and ingest Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with the NetRise Platform.

EV Manufacturer Use Cases Brief

Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer use cases for product teams, development teams, and PSIRT.

EV Charging Station Manufacturer Use Cases Brief

NetRise Platform use cases for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems manufacturers.

Fleet Management Use Cases Brief

Use cases of the NetRise Platform for device manufacturer fleet management.

Ready to See the NetRise Platform?

NetRise is an automated, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive insight into the many risks present in firmware and software components.