Supply Chain Risk Management for Government Organizations

Protect national security and confidential data on devices by illuminating firmware and software components.


Unbox XIoTGain Holistic Device Risk Visibility

Federal agencies are adopting solutions to address the risks associated with unknown firmware and software components running on their networks, per Executive Order 14028.

“Black box” Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) devices — IoT, OT, ICS, and other connected devices — with unknown risk and unknown supply chains should not be allowed on government networks. The nature and operations of these networks demands a full understanding of the risk for all devices and their software components. It is a crucial dependency for achieving OMB Memorandum M-22-18, NTIA, and NIST framework compliance.

NetRise is proud to partner with Carahsoft to provide government organizations with the very best service. For more information, visit the Carahsoft and NetRise joint solution website.

The NetRise Platform can help by:

  • Providing continuous monitoring of firmware and software component vulnerabilities
  • Generating, ingesting, and enriching software bills of materials (SBOMs)
  • Enabling adherence to compliance requirements
  • Supplying a holistic view of software component risks
  • Searching for vulnerabilities using AI-powered natural language searches with NetRise Trace

National SecurityDefend Your Network and Nation

Any device that connects to the internet in some form represents a source of some level of risk. Statista reported 12 million IoT device attacks in 2022, and that number will only continue to rise. Understanding the risks and vulnerabilities within firmware and software components is essential to reducing exposure and operating securely. 

NetRise Trace helps organizations quickly trace impacted assets with a single query, creating a comprehensive graph of affected software supply chain components and their associated vulnerabilities.

Without a solution like NetRise to secure software supply chains, government organizations face:

  • Financial ramifications
  • Threats to national security 
  • Limited availability of government services
  • Failure to comply with applicable mandates

Mitigate Cyber ThreatsUnderstand & Address Device Risk

With a deep understanding of devices and their vulnerabilities, security teams can quickly respond to and mitigate risk.

CISA Approved Security

Secure devices from the inside out with the only firmware analysis and SBOM management solution on CISA's CDM Approved Products List (APL).

Create SBOM Inventory

Log and enrich SBOMs with the NetRise Platform and quickly find vulnerabilities in your network when they occur.

Meet Compliance Standards

Avoid costly fines by adhering to compliance regulations from NIST, NTIA, and more.

We had no idea [these vulnerabilities] existed in our environment. Yes, our vulnerability trending had a spike, but half the battle is even knowing you had those vulnerabilities in the first place.

Marcos Marrero
CISO at H.I.G. Capital

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