Supply Chain Security for Device Manufacturers

XIoT security starts with device manufacturers. Protect your brand and product integrity by improving the security of products.


Promote VisibilityNo More Black Boxes

Each device combines proprietary, open-source, and existing licensed software, creating firmware and software black boxes which can be incredibly difficult for manufacturers to account for. When device manufacturers provide visibility with the software bill of materials (SBOM) for a product, both compliance and greater security can be achieved.

When device manufacturers partner with NetRise for product integrity, they can expect:

  • Combined comprehensive software bill of materials (SBOMs) from multiple sources
  • Repository to share SBOMs with customers, FDA, and regulatory agencies
  • Workflow for remediation of vulnerabilities and threats 
  • Detailed visibility into software components, their provenance, and the risks associated with them
  • Quick and easy identification and validation of risk across all devices utilizing the AI-powered semantic search capabilities of NetRise Trace

Translate BinaryProduct Transparency Boosts Sales & Reputation

A bunch of lines of binary mean nothing to the average XIoT device user or security team. Firmware and software build information must be easily understood in the event of a vulnerability. 

The NetRise Platform helps device manufacturers find issues in their software and firmware before a product is released. NetRise also provides the information necessary to quickly answer questions about devices impacted by vulnerabilities and zero days.

Without deep and granular device analysis, manufacturers can face: 

  • Lack of visibility into the software and packages used to create devices
  • Introduction of zero days or security issues in products
  • Compromise of devices or your company itself 
  • Violation of software, third-party, or open-source licensing agreements
  • Time and resource-draining manual tasks to answer basic questions about device security
  • No reliable process to provide SBOMs
  • Loss of business, reputation, and/or revenue

Succeed with NetriseProtect Your Company & Your Customers

Full transparency into your products from the get-go will solve many problems down the line. When you know where vulnerabilities lie, you can remediate quicker and get back to business.

Achieve Compliance

NetRise helps device manufacturers meet a variety of compliance standards, including HIPAA, NERC-CIP, NIST, FDA, and more.

Generate SBOMs

Create SBOMs from product inception to completion to ensure a complete list of components.

Secure Products

Release products with greater security and provide detailed visibility into components and associated risks.

We had no idea [these vulnerabilities] existed in our environment. Yes, our vulnerability trending had a spike, but half the battle is even knowing you had those vulnerabilities in the first place.

Marcos Marrero
CISO at H.I.G. Capital

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