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With the recent and continuing rise in connected device adoption across all industries, the need to address the cybersecurity implications of a rapidly expanding threat surface has become imperative. Governments have seen glimpses of this dangerous reality and have responded with sweeping mandates, such as Executive Order 14028 requiring the valuable insights a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) provides be made available. In the face of contemporary compliance and risk management challenges, it is necessary to equip the various teams responsible for cybersecurity and device management with the tools they need to effectively function in their roles. 

The reduction in risk, made possible by effective vulnerability management tools, carries its own financial reward in the form of the evasion of negative impacts on the business incurred by the exploitation of vulnerable environments. According to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a breach was $4.82 million in 2023, and that heavy cost is the tip of the iceberg in many scenarios. 


Not only is the NetRise Platform the most effective firmware and software component security solution, providing transparency and actionable prioritization of the vulnerabilities and risks present within devices, it is also the most capable SBOM management tool available. With the ability to generate, ingest, and enrich SBOMs with vulnerability insights, the NetRise Platform offers the most complete SBOM solution and the most complete SBOMs. Looking beyond the direct benefits of the platform, the positive financial impact stretches across a diverse set of use cases.

Comprehensive SBOM Management

The NetRise Platform supplies organizations with a consistent, automated, scalable solution for end-to-end SBOM management. NetRise enables users to ingest any SBOMs they may already have from device manufacturers or other sources, generate an SBOM should one not already be available, and enrich SBOMs with component information and vulnerability insights. 


The accuracy and speed with which NetRise produces SBOMs saves an estimated 40-80 hours of work per firmware image* and equips organizations with a machine learning-powered autonomous reverse engineer. With support for the most commonly utilized formats (SPDX, CycloneDX, etc.) and the most complete SBOMs of any provider — owing in part to NetRise’s inclusion of all components, including known unknowns — the NetRise Platform is the most effective solution for SBOM management, vulnerability assessment, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Vulnerability Aggregation & Management

NetRise is painfully aware of the manual processes vulnerability management entails and has built a solution that allows organizations to automate these time-consuming and often overwhelming tasks. With NetRise, users can save an estimated four hours per week* of costly time spent on aggregation, deduplication, and other vulnerability management efforts. The reduction in risk made possible by an effective vulnerability management tool also carries its own financial reward in the form of evasion of negative impacts on the business incurred by exploitation of vulnerable environments.


The NetRise Platform processes devices’ risks in real time, automatically providing a deep and broad insight into the overall risk level of the organization. NetRise also prioritizes individual vulnerabilities using key indicators of exploitability, such as inclusion in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog (KEV), empowering remediation and mitigation efforts and further reducing the time expenditure required of valuable risk management experts. 

Credential & Misconfiguration Analysis


The NetRise Platform’s in-depth assessment of device risks includes identification of leaked credentials, misconfigurations, and other “low-hanging fruit” risks. These risks are often easy to remediate, and the swift discovery of such avoidable weaknesses spares organizations both the associated risk of financial impact and saves an estimated five hours of work per week* spent on efforts to manually discover and manage these risks.

Exploit Enrichment

NetRise Platform users gain automatically maintained, real-time visibility into the exploitability and likelihood of impact of every vulnerability within firmware and software components. Given the hundreds or thousands of devices an organization may invest in, the abundance of vulnerabilities present across all those devices can be overwhelming and incredibly time-consuming to assess and prioritize. Without a solution automatically enriching vulnerability data with insights into exploitability, such as inclusion on CISA’s KEV catalog, risk management personnel are left spending hundreds of hours per year* attempting to undertake this tedious and difficult work.

Vulnerability Correlation

The unfortunate and inevitable cycle of newly disclosed vulnerabilities leaving cybersecurity professionals scrambling to identify their own exposure now has a quick and simple solution. The NetRise Platform allows users to search for a given vulnerability across their entire organization, providing valuable insight into the extensiveness of the risk introduced by the new vulnerability. The time saved and risk reduced by this powerful capability enables organizations to proactively mitigate vulnerabilities and effectively respond in situations that would have previously demanded a massive investment of time and resources.

* Estimates based on confidential and proprietary NetRise data. Data accessed by NetRise is anonymized and normalized, and cannot be used to identify or compromise clients.

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