The NetRise Platform

XIoT Firmware & Software Component Security


Features & Capabilities

The NetRise Platform empowers users by identifying risk in the software components of devices.

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

Generate, ingest, and enrich SBOMs for comprehensive visibility into the 'ingredients' of each device.

Holistic Risk Visibility

Combine analysis from multiple artifact types to generate a risk score, including the CISA KEV catalog. Find risks based on the intention of code with NetRise Trace.

Continuous Risk Monitoring & Analysis

Know your devices are being constantly assessed for the latest risks and track the impact of vulnerabilities.

Compliance Adherence

Determine if third party code is introducing legal and compliance issues.

Product Build Assurance

Gain a robust understanding of device software supply chains with complete SBOM visibility, vulnerability assessment, and more.

Robust Inventory & Querying

Discover, manage, and interrogate your device dataset with NetRise Trace, a first of its kind AI-powered semantic search.

Supported Device Types

Device Security is a Horizontal Problem.

Addressing connected device risk demands deep analysis of firmware and software components, regardless of the environment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of IoT devices is increasing at an exponential rate, with security considerations often an afterthought in development.

Printers, security cameras, badge card readers, and thermostats are only a few examples of the many types of devices that fall into this device class.


Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems (ICS) are responsible for operating critical functions in every industrial environment.

From building automation systems (BAS) to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), ICS underpins the very fabric on which our world operates.



Connected Vehicles

Modern vehicles typically have ~50 embedded systems.

These systems are usually manufactured by dozens of third party vendors and contain many additional third party components and code dependencies. The supply chain of vehicle systems represents an unaddressed source of vulnerability for the automotive industry.

connected-vehicles 1

Medical Devices

Healthcare delivery organizations rely on thousands of medical devices to provide patient care.

Devices such as patient monitoring systems, x-ray machines, MRIs, atmospheric control systems, and surgical robotics all operate critical functions with little to no protection from component-based vulnerabilities.



Humanity has launched thousands of satellites into orbit since Sputnik awed the world.

An explosion in utility in recent years as a result of the adoption of commercial off the shelf (COS) software and privatization of access to space has exacerbated the need for an adequate understanding of the cybersecurity of satellites and their support infrastructure on Earth.


Telecommunication Devices

The data civilization now relies on traverses routers, switches, firewalls, and VPNs across every organization in the world.

Despite the critical importance of these devices, they have historically been viewed as "black boxes" with little attention given to underlying components and their security.


"There is a whole host of vulnerabilities in the open-source software used in these devices. During a proof of concept, we uploaded a few firmware images and NetRise gave back all this vulnerability data and other risk information.

That is what sealed it for us."

Marcos Marrero
CISO at H.I.G. Capital

Industries & Verticals Who is this for?

Every company on Earth depends on firmware — from routers, switches, and firewalls to MRI machines and satellites. 

Whether these devices are produced by your business or they are running your business, visibility into the underlying risks is imperative.


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