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The NetRise Platform

Next-Generation Firmware & IoT Security Platform

Features & Capabilities


Continuous Monitoring & Analysis

Know that your devices are being constantly assessed for the latest risks.

Holistic Risk

Combine analysis from multiple artifact types to generate a risk score.


Determine if third party code is introducing legal and compliance issues.

Robust Inventory & Querying

Interrogate your device dataset to move from a reactive to proactive posture.

Real-Time Risk

Receive constant updates to the risk of your devices.

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

Consume and generate a list of ‘ingredients’ for each device.

Supported Device Types

Device security is a horizontal problem that is not relegated to a particular industry or vertical. Firmware is the consistent component that must be analyzed to provide the most comprehensive picture of the risk associated with these devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Industrial Control Systems

Connected Vehicles

Medical Devices


Telecommunication Devices

Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of IoT devices is growing at an exponential rate. These devices are typically developed without security in mind. Printers, security cameras, badge card readers and thermostats are but a few of the types of devices that would fall into this device class.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Industrial control systems are responsible for operating critical functions across every industry vertical. From building automation systems in the enterprise to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) at power companies, they underpin the very fabric on which our world operates.

Connected Vehicles

The average vehicle has ~50 embedded systems. These systems are typically manufactured by dozens of third party vendors, each of which contain many additional third party components and code dependencies.

Medical Devices

Healthcare organizations possess thousands of medical devices, ranging from patient monitoring systems, x-ray machines, and MRIs, to atmospheric control systems and surgical robots. The secure implementation and operation of these devices is not currently aligned with the critical functions that they serve.


Satellites have seen an explosion in utility in recent years, as a result of the adoption of COTS (commercial off the shelf) software and the privatization of access to space. Additionally, the on-earth infrastructure to support satellites, such as ground stations, are high value targets to attackers.

Telecommunications Equipment

Routers, switches, firewalls, and VPNs are ubiquitous in every company around the world. The data we all rely on to function as a society traverses these devices constantly. Yet these devices have historically been viewed as "black boxes", with little detail given to the underlying components and security thereof.

Who is this for?

Every company on Earth has devices that run firmware, from routers, switches and firewalls, to MRI machines and satellites. Whether these devices are the product of your business or they are running your business, visibility into the underlying risks is imperative.

Device Manufacturers




Power & Utilities

Consulting Firms

Use Cases




  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Identify underlying vulnerabilities before shipping a product
  • Aggregate comprehensive SBOMs for all products
  • Comply with various industry standards
  • Lower operational costs
  • Gain visibility into XIoT device risk
  • Identify and prioritize underlying component vulnerabilities
  • Procure devices that are secure by design
  • Maintain SBOMs without relying on vendors
  • Make informed decisions, without being blind to the XIoT landscape
  • Take action to reduce risk that was previously unknown
  • Drastically speed up red-team or other device assessments
  • Leverage platform automation to scale engagements 100x or more
  • Correlate findings across all devices analyzed

Ready to See the NetRise Platform?

NetRise is an automated, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive insight into the many risks present in a firmware image.