Holistic Risk Visibility

NetRise examines all vulnerabilities to present you with comprehensive risk scoring.


Understand Your RiskPrioritize Remediation Efforts with NetRise

The sheer number of vulnerabilities presented by cybersecurity tools can overwhelm any team.

Remediating all of them is simply not possible, nor is it necessary. Understanding the full picture of your risk across all firmware and software components in devices enables you prioritize remediation efforts.

With holistic risk visibility, you can:

  • Quickly understand which assets have the greatest risks in your environment
  • Easily see assets with known exploits available
  • Clearly identify assets being targeted by threat actors
  • Use natural language queries to identify risk with NetRise Trace

How it WorksNetRise's Inside-Out Approach

While many solution providers take an outside-in approach to cybersecurity by focusing on device interactions and monitoring the broader network, the NetRise Platform has been built with an inside-out approach.

Rather than merely looking for vulnerabilities at the device level, the NetRise Platform discovers and assesses firmware and software components within each device, identifying vulnerabilities at the most granular levels. NetRise then combines analysis from multiple artifact types to generate a risk score, including the CISA KEV catalog.

Why have we taken a different approach?

Very few vulnerabilities are reported at the device level. Truly securing devices demands effective management of the risks within software supply chains.


Understand Your Entire Risk Profile

NetRise bundles risks into a comprehensive profile, along with individual risk scores.


Find, prioritize and remediate CVEs validated via NVD, CISA KEV and other threat intelligence feeds to combat against threat actors, BOTNETs, ransomware and other attacks.

SBOM Integrity

Our unmatched component identification highlights dependencies and linked components, coupling those insights with license adherence and version information.

Weak Credentials

Quickly find and assess weak credentials and hashes within images and across different user profiles. 


NetRise discovers inaccurately configured or  insecure security controls which may put your systems and data at risk.

Insecure Binaries

Binary protections slow an adversary from modifying the underlying code. Assess whether binaries are at risk of tampering by adversaries.


Complete knowledge of the validity and scope of certificates within images. Find out if public and private keys reside together and their correlations to other files and firmware. 

Protect Your AssetsSoftware Supply Chain Security for Your Industry

NetRise empowers software supply chain risk management for a variety of industries and operating environments.

Partnering with NetRise to investigate firmware is a force multiplier for consultancies. Instead of manually testing the security of XIoT devices, NetRise automates and standardizes the process while producing previously unattainable results. Learn more.

The NetRise Platform enables device manufacturers to find issues in software and firmware before release to customers. NetRise also helps manufacturers quickly investigate and react to vulnerabilities and zero days.  Learn more.

The NetRise Platform makes the opaque inner workings of firmware and software components transparent, providing deep visibility with the most complete SBOMs and the most comprehensive SBOM capabilities of any solution. NetRise provides a central repository for vulnerability management, enabling users to quickly search across every device and vendor. Learn more.

Devices with unknown risks and unknown supply chains should not be allowed on government networks. Understanding the makeup and risks of devices is critical to secure operations on federal networks. The NetRise Platform aligns directly with executive orders, NERC-CIP, and government standards. Learn more.

NetRise helps healthcare systems stay FDA- and HIPAA-compliant by illuminating vulnerable components in software supply chains and within devices on clinical networks. Learn more.

Introducing a device to an environment responsible for critical infrastructure demands a complete understanding of the components, supply chain, and risks of the device. NetRise provides insight into devices and helps ensure adherence to NERC-CIP standards. Learn more.

We had no idea [these vulnerabilities] existed in our environment. Yes, our vulnerability trending had a spike, but half the battle is even knowing you had those vulnerabilities in the first place.

Marcos Marrero
CISO at H.I.G. Capital

FAQFrequently Asked Questions About Holistic Risk

Everything you need to know about NetRise’s holistic risk visibility feature.

Knowing about threats in your environment is helpful, but it’s impossible to remediate them every second of every day. A holistic risk score will help you identify the most essential threats to your devices, so you can focus on what matters most.

When you know what components are in your devices, you’re able to mitigate risk better. During events like the log4j breach, IoT device manufacturers and device owners became acutely aware of their inability to determine where vulnerable components are present on networks. A complete component list (a software bill of materials) is the only way to tell if you are exposed to such a vulnerability. NetRise goes beyond simply providing the most complete SBOMs, however. Users can also easily search for vulnerable components across the entire network and quickly determine which devices require attention. 

When you know your holistic risk score, you’re able to quickly understand which assets present the most risk to your environment, easily see assets with known exploits, and identify devices being targeted by threat actors.

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