XIoT Device Risk Management for Power & Utilities

Before introducing a device to environments responsible for keeping critical utilities online, you need a deep understanding of its risks and vulnerabilities.


Powerful ProtectionProtect Critical Infrastructure 

Nefarious behavior affecting power grids and other vital utilities affects millions of people at billions of endpoints, and the consequences of unaddressed vulnerabilities can be dire.

Before introducing new devices to networks supporting critical infrastructure, installers need a deep understanding of the firmware and software components within the device — as well as those components' risks and vulnerabilities.

NetRise provides enhanced supply chain risk management by:

  • Continuously monitoring for the threat of unaddressed risks and vulnerabilities
  • Creating, ingesting, and enriching SBOMs for a 360-degree view of firmware and software
  • Offering a holistic view of threats and risks in your network and recommendations for mitigation
  • Enabling adherence to regulatory standards such as FERC, NERC, NATF, and more

Keeping the Power OnRisk Management for Public Power

Widespread use of XIoT devices in power and utilities organizations has brought with it an increase in vulnerabilities within the greater network, making it nearly impossible to manually monitor risk.

The NetRise Platform autonomously scans the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), the CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog (KEV), Threat Actor Groups, BOTNETs, and more in near-real-time to identify new risks. NetRise performs a granular analysis of device firmware and software components, including within HMIs, PLCs, SCADA Systems, inverters, batteries, historians, engineering workstations, and more.

Free your team from time consuming and tedious manual efforts to identify and prioritize risks, and enable them to focus on high-value activities. Discover and validate vulnerabilities with Trace, the industry's first AI-powered semantic search.

Potential consequences of unaddressed risks and vulnerabilities within devices include:

  • Disruption in service
  • Financial ramifications
  • Loss of consumer trust
  • Potentially dangerous malfunctions
  • Regulatory fines 

Critical Infrastructure ProtectionSecure Software Supply Chains

The security of software supply chains has a direct impact on power and utility providers' ability to ensure the integrity of resources we all depend on.

Know What’s In Your Network

A software bill of materials (SBOM) will provide a component-level look at all devices in your network.

Understand Your Risk

Spot and mitigate vulnerabilities as they occur and according to risk level. Seek out unknown risk using AI-powered semantic search.

Meet Compliance

Consistently achieve FERC, NERC, and NATF compliance.

We had no idea [these vulnerabilities] existed in our environment. Yes, our vulnerability trending had a spike, but half the battle is even knowing you had those vulnerabilities in the first place.

Marcos Marrero
CISO at H.I.G. Capital

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