Revolutionizing XIoT Supply Chain Analysis with Google Cloud Platform

Mar 20, 2024 12:02:13 PM | Announcements Revolutionizing XIoT Supply Chain Analysis with Google Cloud Platform

Discover how NetRise leverages Google Cloud to revolutionize XIoT supply chain analysis, reducing vulnerability detection speed.


NetRise Co-Founder and CTO Michael Scott, recently spoke with Google about how NetRise elevates their user experience with Google Cloud

In our NetRise Trace launch announcement as well as our “behind the scenes” deep dive posts, we explain the use cases and problems solved with Trace. However, we have not discussed the data engineering and processing challenges that come with building a platform that allows users to identify unseen software supply chain risk.

Here are a few excerpts from Google’s blog post:

Our vision is straightforward: We want to enable our customers to have a comprehensive view of the present risk across all their assets, whether they are XIoT devices, virtual machines, Docker containers, or cloud assets. For us, securing the digital realm starts by understanding it fully. And by using AI and advanced analytics, we're setting out to identify deeper issues in these assets, make the detection process simpler and more efficient, and develop clear, methodical approaches to resolving these issues.

Michael then goes on to talk about some of the specific benefits around product resource allocations that have come with using Google Cloud Platform:

By utilizing Cloud SQL, we have concentrated on our core competency—creating outstanding security products for our clients. This strategic approach has allowed us to reallocate funds, traditionally earmarked for infrastructure engineering, toward enhancing our team of security researchers and detection engineers. These advancements are a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in security solutions.

Most notably,

The combination of Cloud SQL with pgvector has facilitated the rapid delivery of trace capabilities to our customers and internal researchers. This development has been transformative, saving months of manpower traditionally spent on detection engineering. The impact is a remarkable 10x improvement in both threat research and security operations, enhancing not only our own research and advisory use cases but, more importantly, our customers' ability to respond proactively and reactively to security challenges.

Our collaboration with Google Cloud has enabled us to process hundreds of terabytes of data efficiently, reflecting the robustness and reliability of our infrastructure. The result is a seamless customer experience, characterized by faster, more accurate vulnerability assessments with near-zero downtime. Concretely, in a recent benchmark we processed data for 33,600 assets, a task that historically extended beyond 24 hours, in just 47 minutes. This scale allows us to create more complex component relationships with huge amounts of contextual metadata.

Reach out for a demo to see for yourself how the NetRise Platform can give you visibility into your XIoT supply chain risk today.


Michael Scott

Written By: Michael Scott

Michael started his career in the Marine Corps, where he served nine years with two deployments to Afghanistan, in a variety of roles ranging from five years in Special Operations to four years in the Cyber Warfare Group in Maryland. After leaving the Marine Corps he served as Principal Consultant, Incident Response & Forensics for Cylance where he was involved in numerous proactive and reactive Incident Response engagements. Most recently, Michael served as both the Director of Endpoint Detection and Response and Senior Software Developer at Tanium where he created and researched detection and response solutions used to aid in combating malicious cyber activity as well as created the first ML capabilities at Tanium.