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NetRise strives to improve the cybersecurity posture of XIoT devices across all industries.


How NetRise WorksProtection Built for your Industry

The NetRise Platform deeply analyzes Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) devices to understand and evaluate the risks of the firmware and software components in the current build.

NetRise can create, ingest, and enrich a software bill of materials (SBOM), enabling granular insights for devices and broad protection for networks regardless of industry or operating environment. 

NetRise Trace helps organizations quickly trace impacted assets with a single query, creating a comprehensive graph of affected software supply chain components and their associated vulnerabilities.

Benefits for all industries:

  • Assisted compliance adherence
  • Accessible repository for any SBOM generated or collected
  • Holistic risk visibility
  • Continuous monitoring with the broadest set of risk and vulnerability intelligence feeds

How NetRise Helps Secure Your Industry

View the industries we serve below and how we can help improve device security.

Device Manufacturers

Find issues in your firmware and software before it goes to market. Learn more about how NetRise can boost product integrity.


You can’t protect what you can’t see. Know what vulnerabilities lurk within your clinical networks and safeguard patients.

Enterprise Corporations

Once you own the device, you own the risk. Take control of the security of your devices and their software components, and shift from a reactive to proactive security posture.

Government Organizations

Protect the nation’s critical infrastructure and comply with directives with holistic risk visibility and continuous monitoring for XIoT devices.

Power & Utilities

Protect HMIs, PLCs, workstations, and more from hackers with a platform that provides continuous monitoring and risk visibility for the devices powering critical infrastructure.

Consulting Firms

Cybersecurity consulting firms can automate firmware device security testing with NetRise and provide the most complete SBOMs. Save hours of work and gain a force multiplier.

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